All participants must sign a waiver for the first time they skate at Orlando Skate Park. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign one for you. You can download it and sign it at home, but it must be notarized by a NOTARY. No Exceptions.



Click here to download the

Minor Waiver


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Adult Waiver




All users must have a signed waiver on file. Participants under 18 must have a waiver, signed by parent or legal guardian in the presence of a Park Staff member or the waiver must be notarized.  Proper I.D. is required.  (No exceptions to the rule) 


1.                  Use of this Park may expose the user to serious injury or death, including, but not limited to, broken bones or paralysis. 

2.                  Use of the Park is at-your-own-risk.  Know your own abilities & limits. 

3.                  Users under 18 must wear the following protective equipment in the active riding area:  ANSI-approved helmet with securely fastened chinstrap; elbow pads; kneepads; wrist guards(optional) and closed-toe shoes.  If you are over 18, you only have to wear a helmet and the other pads are optional. No riders shall be allowed to use the Park without wearing the required protective equipment.  Sales and rental of equipment are available in the Pro Shop. 

4.                  Parental supervision is strongly recommended for riders under age 13 and adult supervision is required for those under age 9. No children under 5 years old

5.                  Inspect all surfaces before Park use and report any trash, debris, stickers, graffiti or other problems with the surface to Park staff IMMEDIATELY.  The Park will close while staff attempts to remove stickers and graffiti.  This is your Park, help keep it open. 

6.                  No riding against traffic on pipes and rails. 

7.                  Do not proceed down ramp until it is clear of other riders. 

8.                  No skating when wet, raining, or during maintenance periods. 

9.                  Only approved devices permitted in the active riding area. 

10.              No skating on the sidewalks, streets, and parking areas adjacent to the Park.  Riding in the Park is permitted during posted times ONLY.  Trespassers will be prosecuted. 

11.              Additional ramps, jumps or obstacles are not allowed in the Skate Park.  No modifications to the skating surface or features are allowed. No skating on Park structures not specifically designed for that purpose. 

12.              Wearing headphones in the active riding area is prohibited.  No music boxes or players are allowed in the active riding area. 

13.              Absolutely no food, beverages, smoking or animals allowed in the active riding area.

14.              No alcohol, drugs or profanity.


Minor Waiver*

Adult Waiver





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