Giving Thanks Contest, Sunday Nov 20th


Well the contest got under way right on schedule and the 10 & under division cleared the course and set the mood for the day. Everybody had pretty good runs but Cason Kirk stood out and took 1st place. Then it started to rain. Its Florida, why wouldn't it? That delayed us for about a good hour. But thanks to all the product we got from our sponsors, we were able to keep everybody around by throwing out some free stuff. Things dried up, and the 11-15 division took the course. There were some real good lines layed out here. I saw a switch ollie into off the 7ft into the flow area, big switch 180's off the backdoor gap, but the 2 flawless runs by Jade Hall took the gold! Good job Jade! We started our 16 & up division and about halfway through, it started to rain on our parade. Sooo Globe and Quiksilver started to throw out more stuff!!! This rain shut us down for the day. But we are rescheduling the event for Nov 26th, so expect to see more write ups and pics after that. All in all, it was an excellent turnout, burgers and dogs were on the grill rain or shine, and I think everybody that showed up walked away with something.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, without them events like this wouldn't be possible


Globe Shoes

Listen Skateboards

The Kayo Corp

Dwindle Distribution

Cartoon Network




Beside the clouds, it was a great turnout.

1st place

10 & under

Cason Kirk

Not sure who this is, but unfortunately this is the only good skate pic that was taken. Look for more after the other divisions battle

1st Place


Jade Hall

Quiksilver Board riders club coming out, showing some love to their local skate scene.

Eric flowin in the tranny



And the crowd goes wild

One of our judges, Tony Suarez.

JJ, the graffiti artist. This man has some serious skills under his belt.

Globe shoes providing some shade, even though the sun only shined for like 5 minutes.

The rain was making it difficult for JJ to finish that day. Cartoon Network characters.

Product toss, brutal!


Here are the pics from the weekend after when we had to continue the 16 & up, female & Sponsored

Evan Smith went home $250 richer by winnnig the sponsored division Miguel Huerta taking his 1s place prize in the 16 & up
Stacia Roberts took 1st place in our first ever female division My state of the art winners list
Kim going off the high ledge Damon just having a good time
One of our many girl skaters Noseslide by KMC
Fred Tan going backside over the A-frame Stacia Roberts going down the "Backdoor gap"
The scene near the winners stand Fred Tan heelflip's the 8 footer
Steve Otero with a heel flip to the longest manual in the world. Kristy Cannon that runs www.southskate.com out representing. Kristy came in 2nd place
Shannon Bottenberg attacking the wooden monster Kristy's front 50-50 on the middle ledge

If you have any pics you would like to see on here, email us